Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bedtime Story

Hard day's work done, time to sleep
A temporary visit to Hades, rest, deep
Suddenly I woke up in the middle of the night
Something in the dark gave me a hair raising fright

A metallic sound was the culprit that woke me
What is it? I fathomed, but in the darkness I could not see
Fumbled around I for the lights, reaching the switch
It was too tight, too big, remained darkness like pitch

That sudden sound came again, like a heavy metal door being shut
Don't know what to do, am turning into a nut
Searched I here and there, couldn't see anything with my eyes
Scanned left and right with my antennas, nothing came that was nice

Finally I gave up, stopped worrying and got hold of myself
Perhaps a burglar, a murderer, why should I care, even for an elf
That's it, I'm not waking up for anything or anyone, ever again
Dozed off, had this weirdest dream, me holding umbrella in rain

In a city like any other, there lies a garbage dump
An Incinerator with conveyor belt guarded by a door that gave metallic thump
On the belt a sealed dark box with two things, one was a switch which didn't work like a charm 
Besides that slept a cockroach, peaceful and calm

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