Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hillside Hustle

On top of a steep hill lived an old lady
There the fauna was green and shady
Life was hard, but she managed to get by
Bread and lard, she ate not to die

All was as usual till one day a monstrous tiger came
Saw it through the window and thought she was game
Oh what to do, how to escape she thought
Don't give up hope, her mind fought

Should I give up the sheeps I toiled to raise
Trade their flesh for my own, her mind began to faze
She implemented this plan, let all the sheeps out
The tiger ate them all, like a ravenous lout

Now the tiger advanced to the house
This old lady was trapped like a mouse
She closed all the doors, reinforced with book stack
In came the tiger, ahhh, the window in the back

She closed the room doors, rickety and decreipt
What did you expect? She was old, the house was crypt
Came bursting through the door like vicious boar
One quick lunge and the lady was no more

The tiger dragged this prey to its cave nearby
Inside it lay three starving little cubs, about to die
They ate with gusto, gobbled with no gap
Back to life, they all took a nap

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