Monday, November 25, 2013

Multi Level Attack

Q:What's more dangerous than a rampaging Elephant?
A:A rampaging elephant carrying bag full of angry bees.
I extended this further on both the sides of scale and this is what I got
Multi Level Attack

What we have here is a ruthless, mask wearing disgruntled office employee Elephant wielding a Nunchacku and carrying with it 4 bags of Religious Fanatic Viking Honeybees. 24 of such Elephants are packed into a ginormous bullet called bullet2.0.  Hundreds of such bullets serve as ammo for a 300m high Gattling gun. Tens of such Gattling gun are fixed onto a 3Km long arrow. Fifty such arrows are fixed as spikes to a 60Km tall club. Thousands of such towering clubs are built like monuments around a mini planet. Tens of such mini planet revolve around a belligerent star. Hundreds of such star revolve around a emotionally unstable black hole.

Now any non timid bacteria this might say bah, I'm not scared. But those honeybees are no ordinary bees. They are Religiously Fanatic Viking Honeybees. They are covered from head to tail with Pathogens of all kinds. And not just any ordinary pathogens. These pathogens have antimatter suspended in between their organelles.
Now this is dangerous. If any such black hole comes after you, no matter if you are a big fat mean planet or a dwarf termite you are in trouble.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What if buffaloes grew wings?

Karan told Wei " Hey did you read the papers? There's a new virus that's causing the buffaloes to grow wings!!". Wei wasn't amused, "That's a pathetic joke Karan". Karan replied " No seriously, some mad scientist's experimental virus escaped." I'll show you the videos online. And he showed videos of buffaloes spontaneously growing wings in hours and flying around the barns. One showed a particularly crafty buffalo air raiding the fodder storage, scaring off it's arch enemy the dog and flaunting it's wings in front of the jealous cows, singing "why should cows have all the fun?". 

Karan told wei "I wonder when will our buffaloes grow wings. I always wanted to ride a pegasus, this is close enough.". Wei shuddered at the thought of their huge barn filled with flying buffaloes. What if they fly off with the barn? What worried her perhaps the most was the thougth that Pigeons pooping on you - funny. Buffaloes doing the same - Not funny. Now Bullshit will not only hurt you psychologically, but also physically. But she also thought it's a golden opportunity to invent a BS protector. 

Karan exclaimed "I know how to put them to work, let's build a flying buffalo drawn carriage. Travel all over the clouds. We can have hybrid airplanes which uses gasoline for take off and buffalo power in the top. OK at that altitude the buffaloes will probably turn into frozen meat, but with thick enough jackets maybe we can pull it off, or in this case they can pull it up. Anyway the airspace will get crowded from all the loose buffaloes. Commercial air planes will probably have to be fitted with laser blasters to blast any buffalo in the path. After all no self respecting plane wants to be hit by a buffalo at 800km/h."

"You and your pipe dreams!" said Wei and off she went to watch the latest adventures of Bickey Buffalo, the cartoon show featuring anthropomorphized buffalo who only wore a bandana.