Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Choices, Choices & More Choices

Now that the popular social networking site has introduced 50 more options for gender rights activists are pretty happy. Next they'll demand 50 more restrooms for each of those in every building. I can hear the janitors screaming everywhere. This explosion in the gender choices has caused some problems. Even before this it was hard for me sometimes to classify some new people that I see as boys are girls. Is that a really pretty girl or am I going to get a nasty surprise? Now imagine the same problem with 52 choices!! Recently when I met Ash my thoughts went along the lines of " I'm pretty sure she/he/it is not Gender Nonconforming because of the blue pants, not Gender Questioning because of the hair, probably not Gender Variant, doesn't feel like Genderqueer. That leaves me with only 48 more options. After years of dedicated research (aka relentless stalking) I've finally narrowed Ash down to two possibilities. Looks promising.

       It used to much simpler in my great,great ... grandfathers day. He would never have had any problem identifying the gender, the answer would in fact be trivial. He wouldn't have to bother with any of this courtship, fighting for mate bullshit. He would reproduce when he damn well pleased without begging anyone. That's right, he was a prokaryote. Any identity form to fill in those days would easier, for the question of which sex there would be only one choice. All your sons would look exactly like you. In fact everyone would look exactly the same due to population not having much genetic diversity. Well there would be a minor problem of me mistakenly kissing my headmaster instead of my girlfriend, and wanted posters would be less effective, you win some you lose some. Ah good old days.

       Enough of this daydream, I live in the present and I have to deal with it. Ash is here. Finally! I've been waiting for so long. I gingerly remove her coat trying to control my eagerness. What a sleek tail she has. Wait... what?

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